2019 Art & Framing Roadshow - Brighton Racecourse

 16th Jun 2019

2019 Art & Framing Roadshow - Brighton Racecourse

Brighton 11Brighton Racecourse was the latest venue on the roadshow calendar and with lots of free parking the crowds rolled in for a day by the seaside.  Tiffany Budd was our ‘artist in residence’ and picked up some new commissions from south coast galleries.  Wayne French of Crescent was busy discussing the latest products with customers and arranging for samples them, whilst staff on the Wessex stands were keeping customers happy with sample requests for free wall chevrons.

Chris Draper of Wessex commented “our finished moulding chevron samples are ready to go straight on the wall – complete with Velcro and product coding”.

The next roadshow will be held in Newmarket in September so we hope to see you there.


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