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 22nd Feb 2017

New Arqadia Ranges
As part of its commitment to new product development, Arqadia has launched five exciting new moulding collections. These new ranges are available to buy now.

Chantry IIChanntry II
Following on from our popular Chantry range, which launched back in April 2016, Chantry II offers the same striking and contemporary design in a range of four new metallic colours – gold, silver, pewter and iron. The foil finished mouldings are 50mm in width and provide a unique and eye catching finish to interior design.

Chantry II is priced at £5.99 per metre.


LineaThe new Linea range presents a whitewashed, bevelled profile which is 23mm in width. The ivory moulding is available with a feature line, which appears on the back edge, in seven subtle colours – brown, rust, yellow, green, grey, light grey and orange. A simple, yet effective range.

Prices for the Linea range start from £4.99 per metre.



The Umbra range is ideal for projects that require a natural looking finish. The moulding is 35mm in width and has a distinctive black back edge with an angular profile. It is available in six wood tone colours - black, wenge/black, walnut/black, light oak/black, mahogany/black and grey/black – offering a great choice of colour scheme to suit a variety of artworks.

Umbra is priced at £5.59 per metre.


ArdesiaThe classic look of the Ardesia range will add a touch of elegance to a room. The foil finished moulding comes in two profile sizes – 42mm and 60mm – and is available in a whitewash or grey slate colour.

The Ardesia range is FSC certified and is priced from £4.99 per metre.


The black and white lacquered finish of the new Baroque range provides an ideal option for striking mono themed projects.

Available in 54mm and 94mm widths, Baroque is priced from £7.17 per metre.





Unique Offset Coastal Floats
Coastal FloatsWith the rise in popularity of framing canvas projects, this new range offers a perfect solution. Available in four colour variations – white, ivory, wenge and black – and 32mm or 53mm widths, the collection can be paired with a number of other mouldings for a wide choice of looks. The Coastal Floats range is ideal for box framing sporting memorabilia.

Prices start from £2.35 per metre.

Simple, classic and striking. The black and white mouldings of the Mono collection come in two size profiles and have shape to them, offering something slightly different to other black and white ranges.

Prices for Mono start from £1.99 per metre.


Smart BagssmART Bags - Breen smART bags are a great alternative for packaging, protecting and transporting framed artwork. Strong with a sewn binding, smART bags are water resistant, mildew and mould repellent and also moisture absorbent.

With sizes ranging from 35 x 40cm to 145 x 200cm, you can be sure to find the correct fit for your artwork.

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