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 26th Mar 2019


March 2019Coastal Wood Additions

Larson-Juhl has added two new large profiles to its popular Coastal Woods range. These mouldings feature beautifully stained wood, creating a natural feel and weathered appearance that works with a whole host of interiors. Reminiscent of the seaside, Coastal Woods will give your artwork an underlying feel good factor, regardless of the weather outside!

With over 100 SKUs in total, Coastal Woods is one of Larson-Juhl's most popular collections. Its points of difference being the visible wood grain and the flexibility that comes with so many options and variations. This facilitates the stacking of different elements and colourways to create a frame that’s totally unique to the brief. 

The two additions measure 89mm for the 126000 profile and 95mm for the 226000 profile - with both available in black and white.


Colosseum PR ShotColosseum is a highly impactful new range that was designed and made in Italy. Very classical in terms of look and feel, Colosseum was inspired by the magnificence of Ancient Rome and the stepped design of the world’s most famous amphitheatre.

Bold and brave, this range is available in three profiles ranging from 20mm to 50mm in width. Hand-finished in oxide black with a chamfered gun-metal back edge, Colosseum will enhance simple monochrome artwork as well as paintings that feature strong use of colour.

These mouldings will sit beautifully with silver, cream, grey and black mountboards, for example, and will work stacked together as well as individually. The striking black finish of Colosseum, which is created by using patina and layered foils, will complement a vast breadth of interiors.

Chevron sets and a chop service apply to this new collection, like all Larson-Juhl wooden mouldings.

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