Wizard - New for 2017

 20th Feb 2017

Wizard ScreenshotFramers Corner will be showing the latest version of the Wizard Frameshop software.

Building on their reputation for having the best software in the industry, Wizard are continuing the development of their Frameshop software. It remains the most user friendly software, keeping simple mount jobs easy to produce, whilst giving customers a huge range of creative options both in terms of template designs and also decorative tools.
Designs can be cut, v-grooved, debossed, drawn and even cut in vinyl, the options really are limitless. If you are looking to produce volumes of mounts then the 9000 model also gives you speed and efficiency when cutting batches of mounts, the first and last mount will be exactly the same size and quality.

The Roadshows are a great opportunity to come and see the Wizard in action, and see for yourself exactly how easy the software is to use. See for yourself the simple steps to go through to produce a job, from measuring on the design table, to taking the finished mount off the machine. If you have any ‘special’ jobs that are a little more unusual or awkward then please come along and see how the Wizard would handle them - we love a challenge!

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